A little bit about ‘us’ here at Half Circle Ranch

Hello, and welcome to Half Circle Ranch- we’re so happy you’re here! “We” are Mark, Jes, Jackson and Garrett Radius- and while this picture is a few years old, it was the only one I could find with all of us together! I, Jes, am the face behind HCR. I’ve spent my life working with horses- from working on a full scale breeding facility, working for a cutting horse trainer, galloping racehorses down in Florida, foaling mares and halter breaking babies, and training and selling team sorting horses. Horses are buried deep in my blood- and this business venture came about when I went to replace my Parelli longe line and saw the price! I thought, certainly I can make this (thank you Pinterest, for making me think I can DIY it ALL! Spoiler alert. I can’t. I’m the epic Pinterest fail. Except I can tie a mean halter!) I knew there were others out there who needed quality tack, for less- so Half Circle Ranch was born. It lived in my spare bedroom for a year, then I thought I’d NEVER use up all of the space in the 12×15 shop we built- and I am now outgrowing my 30×60 shop! I absolutely love what I do- I love being able to be present for my kids, to attend every ballgame (SO many ballgames!) every practice, every school function- and this business allows me to do that. My family is my life.

Mark works as an Inspector for the National Guard. He’s the muscle here at HCR- from building my shop, to fixing the equipment that I continually break- I couldn’t do anything without him. If you catch him on the phone, he probably won’t be much help- but he’ll darn sure try =)

Jackson and Garrett are now in 5th and 7th grade. They both excel in school, and play every sport they can- baseball and soccer in spring and summer, football in the fall and basketball all winter. Neither one have really caught the horse ‘bug’- they’re all about sports!

We also breed AKC Great Danes- please take a moment to pop over and visit us at www.hcrgreatdanes.com !

Thank you for taking the time to read this rather long winded narrative! We’re so happy you’re here!