Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your ropes made?
All of our rope products are made BY ME, when you order them, right here in my shop. ALL of the rope I use is American made. Halters are all hand tied- leads and reins are hand spliced. Please keep in mind that splicing is NOT an exact science- your 12′ lead rope may finish out to 11’10”, or 12′ 2- or may be smack at 12′. They’re all made exactly the same, starting with the same length of rope- but splicing is simply not an exact science. I will NOT take returns on ropes that are 3″ shorter OR longer than the length ordered- I try to make every rope product come out at the exact length ordered, but it just doesn’t always work that way.

What is the difference between your ‘soft’ and ‘stiff’ halter rope?
Our halter rope is all made from polyester- it is all low shrink, uv resistant rope. The ‘soft’ halter rope is a double braid rope, just like our lead rope material, only in a smaller diameter. It is very similar to the rope used by a popular, ‘savvy’ clinician. It’s soft on the horses face, and will be the most gentle rope halter we offer. The stiff rope is an accessory cord- it has a different braid than the double braid, which causes it to have a very ‘stiff’ feel- the noseband on these halters will stand open on their own. This is going to be a slightly mroe abrasive halter- when tied with the extra nose knots, this is going to be the same as your favorite Australian clinicians halter. The extra knots on the noseband of any halter just work to give you extra pressure points across the nose.

How do I care for my rope?
The best way to care for your rope is handwashing, with a gentle detergent- Personally I throw mine in a bucket of warm water with some detergent and let them soak a while- then agitate them, throw them over my round pen and hose em off. I’ve taken a pressure cleaner to them with no harm, tho I wouldn’t recommend it. You can also wash them in your washing machine- but I do recommend removing all hardware from leads and placing them in a mesh bag or pillowcase- Halters especially should be washed tightly packed, so the agitating doesn’t loosen the fiador knot under the chin. All washing is done at your own risk- if you throw your soft rope halter in the washer and the fiador comes loose, that is not covered by warranty =) Use discretion folks- but know that our good polyester rope won’t shrink or stretch and doesn’t fade or get stiff- it’s very easy to care for.

What type of rope do you use?
I use polyester for all of my ropes. Some use nylon, which stiffens with time and has much more stretch- others will use MFP (polypropylene) which is lightweight and offers no ‘feel’. Our ropes are all premium, double braid polyester- the same rope that ALL of the big name clinicians use. It’s all made in the USA to the Cordage Institutes high standards for rope- and will rival any rope you can find elsewhere. Our halter rope is 1/4″ diameter, and our standard lead/ rein material is 9/16″.

What kind of warranty do you offer?
My ropes are warrantied against defect in workmanship for 6 months. All warranty is void if the horse chews on the rope, or if it has been improperly used (such as thru a window on the horse trailer) Halters are not meant to be left on horses in pasture- it’s very , very dangerous, as our halters will NOT break- and you also run the risk of the fiador under the chin coming loose. They’re also not designed to be used in crossties, and any such use voids the warranty. I warranty my sticks and hardware for 30 days from the date of sale- Because I do not manufacture my own hardware, or build my own sticks, I cannot unconditionally guarantee them- as you well know, hardware sometimes fails. If this happens within 30 days, simply send the hardware back and I will replace it.

What are shipping costs / When can I expect my item to ship/ what method do you ship?
Please jump over to our shipping/ return policy page.