Return Policy and Shipping Information

Return Policy

Here at Half Circle Ranch, we want you to be thrilled with your purchase, and we offer a no questions asked, 60 day return policy on anything that is NOT custom made- IE, headstalls, bits, sticks, pads, boots and hardware- as long as it is in NEW condition. On our ROPE products- these items are all made to order. They are a 100% custom item- when you order a halter or lead rope, that is when it is made- to YOUR specifications. I will still accept returns on halters/ leads/ reins etc- however, they will all be charged a 20% restocking fee. This is the same for exchanges, so be sure to visit our Halter Sizing guide so you can be sure you’re getting the right size halter for your horse. All shipping charges are the responsibility of the buyer- if you paid our flat rate shipping, you’ll be responsible if the actual shippig ran morex and your refund will reflect that. ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS AFTER 60 DAYS. That is all the time I have to credit your card.Absolutely NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES ON CUT ROPE. Period. If you want to check the ‘feel’ of the rope, buy a couple feet and go from there=)) Thanks.

All rope items carry a six month warranty against defect in material and workmanship. If you feel that an item you purchased has a defect, simply send it back and we will examine it- if it is found to be unsatisfactory, a replacement will be provided. Please keep in mind that we do NOT repair items that have been misued- if your horse chews up your rope, that is not a defect in material- and our halters are NOT turnout halters- they’re meant to be used for training only, and leaving them on your horse out in the pasture is not only dangerous as can be (these halters WILL NOT break) but will also void any warranty. This includes using halters with rings in cross ties- they are NOT meant to be used this way, and if you do so and it screws up your halter, that’s on you. I’ve seen everything, and know when an item is truly faulty. All other products carry a 30 day warranty- I do not make our sticks, hardware, or leather products, therefore only offer a 30 day warranty on said items. Half Circle Ranch will not be held liable for any damage, or injury relating to the purchase/ use of our products, nor will we be held responsible for any incidental on consequential damages. Horses are a large, dangerous animal, and caution should always be kept when working with them. 

Please take a moment to view this short video, in which we performed a ‘stress test’ on our splices. A small piece of rope received an eye splice on either end- one end looped over the ball of our F-550 truck, the other was attached to a ring and then to a Ford Ranger, which had its parking break on. The dually proceeded to both jerk on and drag the Ranger- after multiple pulls, the 3 inch ring was bent as well as broken- and both splices were just fine. We are very proud of our rope products, and want you to feel confident knowing you can be too.

Shipping Information

Most of our items are shipped via the US Postal Service- it’s cheap, usually pretty quick, and they pickup every day. All domestic orders over $50 ship for a flat, $7.95 shipping WITH THE EXCEPTION OF TRAINING STICKS, BULK OR CUT ROPE AND WHOLESALE ORDERS. Bulk rope spools or rope sold by the foot will ship for the actual shipping, which will be calculated after the order is processed. Wholesale orders already receiving any discount are also not eligible. You’re welcome to chose the USPS or UPS shipping options, and your items will ship the method you’ve chosen, if you haven’t chosen the flat option. If our $7.95 flat shipping is chosen, I will choose the best way to ship- be it UPS, FedEx or Priority mail. If you chose our $7.95 shipping please be sure to include a PHYSICAL address- if you must have UPS or USPS, then you need to choose that option over the flat $7.95. Please be sure to use a valid address for shipping- I will ship to the ‘shipping address’ you provide, and if an item is returned to me due to an insufficient address, it will be YOUR responsibility to pay to have it shipped again. Please see below- when you checkout and come to the ‘shipping method’ section of checkout, there will be tabs with your options- Priority, UPS or ‘Ground’ , which is our flat $7.95 shipping. This what you choose if you desire.

We ship Monday thru Friday , regular mail, and several days a week UPS. Orders will usually be shipped within 5 business days of receipt- please keep in mind, we consider M-F business days, and exclude all holidays (if the post office is closed, we are too). Orders may ship the same day, or may take up to 10 days to ship, depending on how busy we are at any given time. Wholesale orders can expect at LEAST a 2 week lead time, give or take a week based upon volume.The cart will email you when your item ships, with tracking information. Orders go out in the order they were received.
If you need to add notes about your order- IE, custom halter measurements, just make a note in your order. I may not get an email or phone call in time- so be sure to include those notes within your order!